Demopolis Public Works
Public Works Department
809 East Jackson Street Demopolis, AL 36732
334-289-3879 - Phone
334-289-3884 - Fax

The Public Works Department is open from 6:30 am to 3:00 pm Monday through Friday.

The Public Works Department is the arm of city services that maintains our city streets and city properties. The Public Works Department also handles city drainage problems and assists in keeping our community clean. The Animal Control Office, although a section of the Demopolis Police Department, is housed within the Public Works Department.

Contact Information
Barbara Blevins- Public Works Superintendent - Barbara Blevins

Manager of Project - Mike Baker

Kim Rodrigues - Admin Assistant -Kim Rodrigues

Limb & Debris Pickup
Limbs, bagged leaves, small wood and metal debris can be removed from your curb by the Public Works Department. Arrow Disposal picks up furniture and appliances the second pick-up of each week.

Mosquito Spraying
The Public Works Department sprays our city for mosquitoes

Water Leaks
The Public Works Department does not repair water leaks. Please contact the Utility Department at 289-3328 to report a water leak.

Animal Control
Please note that as of 1 October 2010 the Animal Control section of Public Works has been transferrred to the Demopolis Police Department. All services and personnel remain the same and the shelter hours are unchanged.

The City of Demopolis has a leash law used for animal control. Any animals outside of the confines of their owner’s property is subject to pick up by animal control.

For more information, please see the Animal Control web page.

Building Inspection
Mr. Julius Rembert is the City Building Official. Please call 289-0577 for all questions related to building inspection and zoning.




The Demopolis Public Works Department encourages residents to remember the following sections of the city code regarding garbage, trash, junk and weeds:

    It shall be unlawful for any person to sweep, throw or otherwise deposit or cause to be swept, thrown or otherwise deposited any garbage, rubbish, paper, containers (either glass, metal or paper), or any substance of any kind in or upon any curb, gutter, street, avenue, highway, tunnel, sidewalk, park, parkway, vacant or occupied lot or the property or another person.
    Trees or parts of trees not more than twelve (12) inches in diameter and cut to less than ten (10) feet in length will be collected if piled behind the curb and with all tops placed in the same direction.
Leaves, grass clippings, shrub clippings, etc., are to be placed behind the curb and in plastic bags or cardboard containers
    Building debris such as lumber, plaster, roofing, concrete, brickbats or similar materials resulting from the construction, repair or demolishing of any building or structure on private property and dirt and rocks will not be removed by the Public Works Department, but the owner personally must cause this waste to be removed.
    It shall be the responsibility of all fence companies, tree surgeons, nurseries and landscape contractors or any individual or company doing work on private property to remove from premises all residue and rubbish resulting from such work.
    The Mayor is authorized, empowered and directed to investigate the situation existing in the city as to any lot which is in such official’s opinion, in a condition which is unsanitary, dangerous and unsafe to the citizens of the city because of high grass, weeds, brush garbage, trash or other debris on such lot and which thus forms a breeding place for mosquitoes, insects, rats and other vermin.
    The Mayor is further directed, authorized and empowered to take such action to have such nuisances abated as is authorized and specified in the provisions of such section.

Any questions, please call Barbara Blevins, Public Works Superintendent at 334-289-3879