Demopolis City Hall        

211 North Walnut Avenue P.O. Box 580                       
Demopolis, Alabama 36732

Fax 334-289-8051



Office of the Mayor - John Laney
Mayor John Laney may be reached at City Hall.

Office of the City Clerk - Sam Gross

Sam Gross, City Clerk, receives all requests for the Council Agenda, Council minutes, all city records and historical documents including city ordinances.

Building Inspection Department- Julius Rembert

City Building Inspector and Codes Officer

He can be reached at the following numbers 334-349-6840 or 334-289-0577

Business Licensing- Julius Rembert
All businesses inside the city limits and the police jurisdiction of the City of Demopolis must be licensed by both the City of Demopolis as well as the State of Alabama.

Office of Permits - Julius Rembert

The City of Demopolis requires permits for:

                                          • New Construction                                Plumbing             Electrical
                      • Additions to Existing Structure          Mechanical          Signage
      • Mobile Home                                        Demolition         
      • Burn Permits are issued by the Demopolis Fire Department

Office of Planning and Zoning - Rachel Halkias
Planning and Zoning Specialist, Rachel Halkias takes all requests for zoning changes, requests to be heard by the Demopolis Planning Commission, and records the minutes.

Office of Board of Adjustment - Revenue Clerk

Revenue Clerk takes all request for variances and setbecks. 

Tax and Revenue Department - Revenue Clerk
Revenue Officer is the contact and liaison for all tax and revenue questions.

Payroll/Benefit Clerk - Rachel Halkias, Payroll/Benefits Clerk administers all payroll checks, liability payments, employment issues and questions.

Accounts Payable -Revenue Clerk
The Accounts Payable Clerk processes all accounts payable for the City of Demopolis.

Bid Lists -Sam Gross
The City Clerk maintains the bid list for the City of Demopolis. If you wish to be placed on the bid list you may provide your companies information by email or mail.



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